Doctor Who stars to materialise at town's racecourse

Former Dr Who, Colin Baker, meets up with arch enemies, two of the Daleks at the Norwich Sci Fi and

Colin Baker with two of the Doctor's arch enemies the Daleks - Credit: Archant

Television sci-fi royalty will be materialising in Great Yarmouth this weekend when two Doctor Who stars step out of the Tardis onto the town's racecourse.

On Saturday and Sunday Colin Baker, who played the sixth Doctor, will be appearing at the Great Yarmouth Comic Con at the racecourse.

And to help the Time Lord fight off any invading daleks and cybermen, the Doctor's brave companion Peri, Nicola Bryant, will also be appearing at the convention.

Between 1984 and 1986 the pair battled Daleks and their mad genius creator Davros, cybermen, Sontarans and The Rani, an evil Time Lord.

Undated BBC handout picture of Colin Baker's Doctor Who costume being revealed to the press - 1983,

Doctor Who star Colin Baker is setting co-ordinates for Great Yarmouth - Credit: BBC/PA Wire

Organiser Philip Welsby said: "Whovians will love Great Yarmouth Comic Con 2022.

"We have the sixth Doctor and his companion Peri attending. And to top it off we have some awesome props.

"Have your photo taken inside and outside a Tardis and watch out for the Daleks invading the venue."

The two-day convention also features Christopher Biggins, famous for his roles in Porridge, I Claudius and the Rocky Horror Picture Show and being a pantomime stalwart.

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Also appearing is Andrew Lee-Potts, best known for his role as Connor Temple on ITV’s British science fiction programme Primeval.

The convention will also feature a Jurassic Zone which will be home to several extinct species including a tyrannosaurus rex and an indoraptor. 

There will also be props galore from fan's favourite movies and television programmes, cosplayers and WAW wrestling.

It is the third Great Yarmouth Comic Con and tickets are selling fast.

For tickets visit

More details are available on the event's Facebook page by searching Great Yarmouth Comic Con 2022.

To help promote the event a 'mini' Comic Con has been organised on Tuesday on Great Yarmouth's seafront by the big wheel.

Funded by the Great Yarmouth tourism body, it runs from 10am to 4pm.

There will be movie cars, character meet and greets with Sonic the Hedgehog, Scooby Doo, Mario and Luigi and Ghostbusters and a few props.

Anyone arriving in cosplay at the 'mini' Comic Con gets a small goodie bag.