‘Fitness freak’ banned from driving after being spotted snorting a substance off his dashboard

Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court. Google Maps

Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court. Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

A fitness fanatic has been banned from driving after he was spotted on CCTV “snorting something off his dashboard”.

Harry Sutton-Lee, of St Peter’s Road, Lingwood, pleaded guilty to drug driving at Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court today (Wednesday).

The prosecution said Sutton-Lee, 19, was spotted on CCTV by police “snorting something off the dashboard of the vehicle” near Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth at around 3am on Saturday, January 20.

After being arrested Mr Sutton-Lee was found with 75ug/l of MDMA, more than seven times the legal limit, and 15ug/l of cocaine in his blood.

Alan Wheetman, representing Sutton-Lee, said it was the first time Sutton-Lee had touched drugs after avoiding them as a teenager despite having friends who were regular recreational users.

He said: “My client was an absolute prat. Before you is a young man from a good family with a good education who has been surrounded by nothing but people who love him, care for him and want him to do the best.

“He is a fitness freak, a college student studying to become a personal trainer. He says he was out with a friend who is a known drug user.

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“Some time during the course of the night he accepts that he had taken not only cocaine but MDMA. He is at a loss to understand why.”

“He had not been drinking but he says as he looks back to that night one thing that sticks in his mind is that the events of that night are very vacant to him.

Sutton-Lee, who works part time at Tesco, was said to have been kicked out of his dad’s house over the incident and had not told his mother ahead of the court hearing that he was guilty.

Mr Wheetman added: “This was a glitch. He has got to make sure this doesn’t hold him back and he gets the qualifications that he has worked so hard to get. This has been a wake-up call for him.”

Sutton-Lee was banned from driving for 12 months and was fined £150, ordered to pay costs of £85 and a surcharge of £30.