Drunk burglary pair plead guilty

TWO Gorleston men were jailed for a total of more than six months last week after carrying out a series of offences while “out of their heads” on alcohol.

TWO Gorleston men were jailed for a total of more than six months last week after carrying out a series of offences while “out of their heads” on alcohol.

Great Yarmouth Magistrates heard how Jamie Carter and Clayton Harman, both of Oxford Avenue, stole a red Rover car and then broke into a garage on Kings Drive in Bradwell, stealing £560 worth of electrical equipment.

The court heard on Friday how in the early hours of May 5, 18-year-old Carter and Harman, 23, stole a car from an address in Bradwell and later used it in a burglary in the village.

Prosecuting Elizabeth Houghton said: “The owner of the house was disturbed by a noise and when she looked out of the window she saw the two defendants. One was in the driver's seat of a car and the other was trying to get a bike off the roof rack. He threw that off and they drove off at speed. When the home owners went outside they noticed the garage had been broken into.”

Carter and Harman got away with several items including a flat screen TV, six-DVD changer, car stereo and a tool box.

The court heard how later that morning the pair were spotted by security at Tesco in Great Yarmouth acting strangely.

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Mrs Houghton said: “The car had mechanical problems so they left it at Tesco and got a taxi. It was at this point they were intercepted by police.”

Both originally denied the offences but later changed their pleas to guilty.

Representing Harman, Claire Collins said his problem was alcohol and he committed crimes because he drinks.

She said: “He does not commit these offences because he wants to get alcohol, he commits them because he gets carried away. It does not make sense to steal a car with a roof rack because it will be easily spotted. It's fair to say he wants to change. He wants a normal life and wants to deal with his problem.”

Harman was in breach of a suspended sentence order for burglary and Ms Collins said her client fully expected to go to prison for the offences and that he hoped to complete “as many courses as possible” while behind bars.

Annette Hall, for Carter, told magistrates his crimes were fuelled by alcohol and drugs abuse.

“When he has committed these crimes he has been completely off his head,” she said. “He was effectively going to gain money to fund his habit. There is a common theme for Jamie Carter, and quite a worrying one for how young he is. I would urge you to take a step back and ask why. You are here to rehabilitate as well as punish. He has gone into custody, come out and reoffended. There is nothing in place to deal with his drug problem.”

It emerged that Carter was on licence when he committed the string of offences including car theft, possession of cannabis and burglary. He had been convicted of burglary and shoplifting earlier this year.

Taking into account five similar offences, magistrates said Carter's crimes were “more serious” and sentenced him to a total of 135 days in custody.

Harman was jailed for 11 weeks for being in breach of a suspended sentence, burglary and allowing himself to be carried in a stolen car.