Dystopian model village opens on Great Yarmouth seafront

Inside one of the rooms of the MdZ Estate

Inside one of the rooms of the Roman Point building from the MdZ Estate. It is a high rise residential care home. - Credit: James Weeds

A vision of a dystopian future has been created in miniature form on Great Yarmouth's seafront.

Outside the MdZ Estate

The unassuming 40ft long freight container by the Great Yarmouth sign inside the Pleasure Beach gardens houses the MdZ Estate. - Credit: James Weeds

The Municipal Disaster Zone (MdZ) Estate offers an insight into a dystopian future where a mythical tribe have all but disappeared and four abandoned concrete tower blocks are all that remain.

Outside the MdZ Estate

Four model tower blocks of the MdZ Estate, which stand at around 2m-tall, are based inside this freight container inside the Pleasure Beach Gardens. - Credit: James Weeds

The MdZ  Estate is based inside a 40ft freight container in the Pleasure Beach Gardens, renamed (Dis)Pleasure Beach Gardens for this exhibition.

The desolate model village was created by the artist and former member of the KLF, Jimmy Cauty.

Together, with Bill Drummond, Mr Cauty made national headlines in 1994 after the duo famously burnt £1m for an art performance.

Inside one of the rooms of the MdZ Estate

Inside one of the rooms of the Iceni Heights tower block from the MdZ Estate installation. - Credit: James Weeds

Mr Cauty also contributed a similar model village installation to Banksy's Dismaland, which was based in Weston-super-Mare in 2015.

The MdZ Estate can be viewed in two modes: Lockdown - where people are free to browse the miniature tower blocks - and Full English - where sounds of a chinook boom through the space, while former MP Amber Rudd can be heard making authoritarian announcements over a public address system.

On Sunday, visitor Paul Walker came to the town from Norwich specifically to see the new installation. He chose the Full English experience.

Paul Walker outside Inside the MdZ Estate

Paul Walker made his way from Norwich just to visit the MdZ Estate on Sunday. - Credit: James Weeds

He said: "I thought it was absolutely stunning. It's amazingly creative and off the back of the Banksy's last year, it's great that there's something so creative going on in Yarmouth.

"It's great that the town has facilitated it to happen and I think once the word gets out a lot more people will come and see it."

Comments from visitors of the MdZ Estate

Comments by some of the visitors to the MdZ Estate. - Credit: James Weeds

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The four model tower blocks contain over two tonnes of concrete, three miles of electrical cable and took two years to make.

Every one of the 1,360 rooms on the estate has been made and then "vandalised" by the artist.

The completion of MdZ Estate marks the third and final instalment in a decade-long series of miniature building projects by Mr Cauty, alongside A Riot in a Jam Jar and the Aftermath Dislocation Principle.

Inside one of the rooms of the MdZ Estate

Inside one of the rooms of the dystopian MdZ Estate art installation inside the Pleasure Beach Gardens on Great Yarmouth seafront. - Credit: James Weeds

The installation was brought to the town by Original Projects with support from Visit Great Yarmouth and the Pleasure Beach. 

The installation is for all ages and wheelchair accessible and is free to enter.

For more information, search for "originalprojects;" on Facebook.