Caister pupils connect with online maths

CAISTER Junior School are trying a new method of maths homework; all online!

Each pupil has a login password and teachers have been setting homework and leaving messages of encouragement online. Pupils were asked for their opinions of the new homework and wrote letters to the head. Here are some of the comments;

“I’d like to mention that Mymaths is a fantastic educational website to help children get brilliant. Its fantastic marking system enables cheating to be impossible. Furthermore, sheets are a thing of the past!”

“My maths homework is better than having to write numbers and stuff. I think it’s brilliant because you have a week to do it. Additionally, you get to play games on it and also practise your times tables, division, subtraction, algebra percentages and a lot lot more.”

Pupils without a computer at home are given the opportunity of doing their homework in the computer lab with their parents after school. Pupils are improving their maths skills, having fun at the same time and the response to the online homework has been overwhelmingly positive.