Cantley school’s delight at Ofsted success

A GLOWING Ofsted report identified a school’s thirst for “learning, friendship and fun” as the key to their “good” behaviour and “outstanding” attendance.

Cantley Primary School was praised by inspectors for their “good” progress and learning, their above average achievement in Maths and English, as well as the “excellent” way pupils and staff contribute to the school and the wider community.

An inspector also highlighted the school’s popularity, with half the children coming from outside the catchment area to attend classes at Cantley.

Meanwhile, the 61 parents and carers who took part in the Ofsted questionnaire unanimously agreed that their children enjoyed the school, thought the teaching was good, and believed the school helped their children lead a healthy lifestyle.

However, its was identified that teacher’s need to give pupils more guidance on how to improve their work further when marking, as well as helping children to prepare better for life in a multi-cultural society.

Reporting inspector Robert Greatrex said: “Cantley Primary is a good school fully meeting its aim that pupils enjoy, ‘learning, friendship and fun’.

“It is popular with parents and carers so about half the pupils come from outside the catchment area. Parents and carers are very positive about the school.

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“Comments such as, ‘My son adores his school’, ‘This is an excellent school with the children’s best interests at heart’ and, ‘I have two happy children and wouldn’t go anywhere else,’ are typical responses.”

The school, which has 84 pupils aged four to 11, was given primary school status four years go.

Since then, the Ofsted inspector said headteacher Hayley Smith had largely achieved her goal of “creating the school I would have wanted for my child.”

Mrs Smith said: “I am delighted that Ofsted has recognised the enormous achievements made at our small school thanks to the dedication of the staff, governors, parents and carers and, of course, the pupils themselves.”

In addition, the governing body said they were delighted by the Ofsted report.