School defends Covid policy

Lynn Grove Academy in Gorleston has confirmed three cases of coronavirus. Picture: Lynn Grove Academ

A concerned sibling has raised issue with Lynn Grove no longer informing families if another student tests positive. - Credit: Archant

A Gorleston school has defended its Covid policy after someone had complained that their sibling had contracted the virus from a classroom.

Alison Mobbs, headteacher of Lynn Grove Academy, said that the school is no longer obligated to inform parents of positive cases of coronavirus, following public health advice.

The complaint was made from an "appalled" sibling, who wishes to remain anonymous, claiming that Lynn Grove had not informed parents that there had been "multiple" positive Covid cases.

The concerned sibling said: "We tested my sister after seeing her classmate had tested positive on a private Facebook page.

"It's really bad the school hasn't informed anyone."

Lynn Grove Academy principal Alison Mobbs said the parts of the school affected had been "deep clean

Ms Mobbs, headteacher of Lynn Grove Academy, says the school is doing everything it has been asked to do. - Credit: Archant

Ms Mobbs said that schools are no longer carrying out track and trace as advised by the now-defunct Public Health England.

"We would be breaching confidentiality if we were to do that now," said Ms Mobbs.

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"We follow all of the guidelines.

"We report any case we have and take advice from local public health authorities.

"We are doing everything that we have been asked to do."