Daria achieves highest award in Matholympics

Top marks in maths challenge for Daria

Top marks in maths challenge for Daria - Credit: Edward Worlledge

The Matholympics has been running at Edward Worlledge since October to support the young ones from Years 1 to 6 in understanding and recalling key maths facts.

The initiative involves playing fun games to learn and practise mental maths skills, both at home and at school. Prizes are given out for regular practise at home, and certificates and privilege tokens are awarded to pupils when they have learnt their focus facts.

Privileges to choose from include choosing who to sit next to for a day, reward time with a friend and our most popular: Being a teacher’s assistant for the day! Miss Waters, the teacher responsible for the initiative, said: “It’s brilliant to see children so enthusiastic and motivated to improve their mental maths skills!”

This week their first pupil achieved the highest award of Platinum, which involved her learning all of the times tables and related division facts up to 12x12 off by heart. Well done Daria Wieckowska! A superb achievement!