Edward Worlledge School at Gorleston rated good by Ofsted

Great Yarmouth’s Edward Worlledge Junior School has been rated good by Ofsted inspectors, who observed it was a place “where pupils make good progress and receive outstanding care, guidance and support”.

They said pupils behaved well and enjoyed their learning, because lessons were interesting and they had a wide range of out-of-class learning experiences.

Attendance was very closely monitored and the number of persistent absentees had been reduced significantly as a result.

Pupils with special educational needs made good progress because of the support they received in class.

The effectiveness of care, guidance and support in the school was graded as outstanding.

Achieving a similar rating was the effectiveness of partnerships in promoting learning and well-being.

The inspectors gave a good rating to the pupils’ behaviour, achievement and the extent to which they contributed to the school and wider community.

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The effectiveness of the governing body in challenging and supporting the school was graded satisfactory.

Inspectors found that “a very large majority of parents and carers” were pleased with all aspects of the school.

They valued the fact their children enjoyed school and were safe.

And they were also pleased with how well they were kept informed about their child’s progress.

Their report noted that to improve further the school needed to raise attainment in English and maths by ensuring teachers used what they knew about pupils’ progress to plan tasks in lessons that fully challenged them.

The school also needed to improve the impact of the governors by ensuring they monitored all aspects of the school’s work more rigorously and provided sharper challenges for senior leaders and managers.

Three other local schools – Alderman Swindell Infant, in Yarmouth, Lingwood First and Nursery and Martham Primary and Nursery – were informed this week that, given their outstanding ratings last time round, they will avoid a follow-up Ofsted visit unless circumstances change.