Edward Worlledge School Gold Award

EDWARD Worlledge Junior School, which has been awarded a Gold Award as part of The Sing Up Awards, is celebrating the completion of the awards on National Sing Up Day.

All primary schools in England were set the challenge of achieving a Sing Up Award between September 2010 and National Sing Up Day 2011.

The awards recognise, celebrate and support schools that put singing at the heart of school life and Edward Worlledge Junior’s award illustrates its commitment to the ethos of 100pc participation in singing.

For achieving its award, the school will receive a limited edition singing pad which the children can use in the classroom and the playground to play a range of singing games.

The school will also receive a video message from composer Howard Goodall, the National Singing Ambassador congratulating them for achieving their award and be listed on the Sing Up website.

A huge thank you goes to Krista Ribbons, Edward Worlledge school’s music teacher (pictured), for her hardwork and determination in achieving the Sing Up Award for the school - without her the award wasn’t possible.

Kate Gibson, Sing Up’s award officer praised the school for achieving their Award and completing the challenge.

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She said: “Achieving a Sing Up Award is really a whole school effort so we hope that everyone, including the staff, children and parents take the opportunity on National Sing Up Day to celebrate the school’s outstanding dedication to singing’.