High School's reading scheme endorsed by charity

Principal Jane Bennett, with staff and students of Flegg High Ormiston Venture Academy students, receiving a cheque.

Principal Jane Bennett, with staff and students of Flegg High Ormiston Academy students, receiving a cheque for the Reading Aloud initiative from representatives of the Norfolk Broads Lions Club. - Credit: Flegg High Ormiston Academy

Students at Flegg High Ormiston Academy have received a donation from a Norfolk community charity to help access reading books.

A new reading initiative at Flegg High - called Reading Aloud - has been supported by the Norfolk Broads Lions Club, who donated £200 to fund new books for the project.

The Read Aloud scheme sees teachers reading to their Year 7 students every day for 20 minutes, helping to improve literacy and promoting better mental health, wellbeing and a love for reading.

Jane Bennett, principal of Flegg High Ormiston Academy said: “We are very grateful for the generous donation from the Norfolk Broads Lion Club. 

"It has helped bolster our already very successful and popular Read Aloud initiative.

“The Read Aloud scheme, with the help of the Lions, has enabled us to further support our students to develop a love for reading and to create collective learning experiences.

"We very much look forward to what’s next to come.”

For anyone wanting to support the school in raising funds for new books, visit Flegg High's Reading Aloud Just Giving page.