Fossils identified at Time and Tide museum

CHILDREN enjoyed hands-on fun at Great Yarmouth’s Time and Tide museum handling fossils and having their own identified.

One of several themed events going on throughout half term, visitors were also able to make their own fossils using quick-drying plaster and moulds. Isobel and Amelia Rees, aged five and nine, from Ormesby St Margaret had their “wiggly stone” recognised as the preserved remains of prehistoric worm casts and were goggle-eyed over the remains of a Jurassic jumbo, much larger than today’s elephants.

James Steward, Eastern Area Manager said: “Time and Tide offers an exciting programme of events throughout the year that suits the interests of all age groups. The large number of local people that have enjoyed our half term programme has certainly exceeded our expectations. I think the ability of our local museums to offer high quality, unique and memorable experiences is key to ensuring their continued development in the community.”