Gorleston students' colourful way of raising £1,500 for Ukraine

Students throwing red dye.

Fresh from their Easter break, students from this school in Gorleston found a colourful way of raising money for Ukrainian humanitarian aid. - Credit: Ormiston Venture Academy

Students in Gorleston found a colourful way of raising more than £1,500 for Ukrainian humanitarian aid.

Returning from their Easter break, staff and students from Ormiston Venture Academy took part in a colour run event on Wednesday, April 20. 

The event involved students and teacher getting changed into old white clothes and completing laps of the playing field either by running, jogging or walking.

There were four colour gates on the course, where staff and Union of Venture students were on hand to douse participants in a variety of colours - with the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag being the main colours of choice.

Student smiling, whilst covered in dye.

The event involved students completing laps of the playing field while being doused in colourful dye. - Credit: Ormiston Venture Academy

Many of the academy’s staff and students attended the race to cheer on the runners and were treated to a display of plumes of powder as the participants ran through each checkpoint. Everyone enjoyed the event, with lots of bright smiles shining through a sea of colour. 

The academy raised more than £1,500 to be donated to support those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. A spokesman for the academy said staff and students were really pleased and proud they were able to help those in need. 

Mollie Speed, National Ormiston Student parliament secretary at Ormiston Academies Trust and student at Ormiston Venture Academy, said: "Raising funds for Ukraine was a national priority from the students at Ormiston Academies Trust.

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"At Ormiston Venture Academy, we had previously wanted to do a colour run but unfortunately, it had to be postponed due to Covid restrictions.

"It was so much fun and great to see everyone enjoying themselves. I believe events like this and the spirit that the academy has really embodies the 'Venture way'."

Students in colourful dye.

Students at Ormiston Venture Academy raised over £1,500 for Ukrainian humanitarian aid. - Credit: Ormiston Venture Academy

Joe Waters, assistant principal and Union of Venture lead at Ormiston Venture Academy, said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to work with the past and present Union of Venture students to put on a whole school event that appealed to all staff and students. 

"Raising money for a charity like the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis was so important at this present time.

“I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, the staff or the students. It was such a lovely atmosphere. It is days like this that make me feel proud to work at the school”.