Gorleston school’s ‘discriminatory’ Ofsted report angers mother

A MUM has expressed her anger at what she described as “discriminatory” comments in a school Ofsted report.

The parent, who wished to remain anonymous, was offended when she read through the full Ofsted report on Peterhouse Primary School in Gorleston, and found the inspector had pinpointed the lower achievement of children on free school meals.

The mum, who contacted the Mercury via email, said: “My attention was drawn to page five of the report where it states: ‘The progress of those known to be eligible for free school meals is a little lower than their peers.’

“I feel this is discrimination to those children who receive free school meals.

“My children are in receipt of free school meals, and are well above average in their year groups.

“I feel strongly about this and feel this statement is untrue and should not have been published.”

The Ofsted report was written by an inspector following an inspection at the school on May 25.

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The report published last week showed positive signs for the school, which was praised for its good leadership, teaching and behaviour, and was removed from special measures.

Martin Scott, headteacher of the primary school in Magdalen Square, said: “The comments made in Ofsted’s report are national views, and are based on national data.”

Meanwhile, deputy head teacher Mairi Simpson, said every child in the school was “equally important and we care passionately about each child.

A spokesman for Ofsted said: “It is important that schools are doing the best for all pupils.

“Ofsted inspections look carefully at the achievement of different groups of pupils in a school.

“Whether a child receives free school meals is a widely understood method of identifying a particular group.

“And we believe it is important to evaluate how a school provides for these pupils.”