'Communication friendly' Gorleston nursery rated Outstanding

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Gorleston's Scribbles Day Nursery has been rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted. - Credit: Scribbles Day Nursery

A nursery in Gorleston has been applauded for its "rich learning environment", by an education watchdog.

Scribbles Day Nursery - which has sites on High Street and Wellington Park - was again rated 'Outstanding' in all areas, including its quality of education, leadership and management, and overall effectiveness.

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Ofsted said the children at Scribbles Day Nursery were free to choose from many "well-planned" activities. - Credit: Scribbles Day Nursery

From the latest inspection, which occurred on April 7, the watchdog praised the nursery's provision. The report said children "freely choose from a range of well-planned activities, which are carefully organised to capture their interest".

"All children are actively engaged at all times and extremely well supported by skilled staff," the report said.

A child and an adult

Gorleston's Scribbles Day Nursery was said to have "extremely supportive" staff by Ofsted. - Credit: Scribbles Day Nursery

Nursery staff were noted as having "particularly high expectations" of behaviour and children, including those with additional needs, helping them to learn with a range of strategies to recognise their emotions. Simple sign language is also used in classes, making the nursery a "communication friendly" environment.

Scribbles was also noted as providing "close, sensitive support" to children who speak English as a second language to ensure their "early experiences are positive".

The report stated that staff were "highly focused" on ensuring the nursery was the best it can be, with management being "meticulous" in monitoring the nursery's provision and evaluating what is on offer through feedback from users.

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Scribbles Day Nursery owner Kirsty Jenkins said she was proud of her team for their efforts in making the nursery making "huge strides" in the community. - Credit: Scribbles Day Nursery

Staff wellbeing was reported to be supported by management, and they have "high regard" for the team.

Scribbles was said to have strong partnerships between staff and parents, with parents feeling "fully involved in their children's care and education".

Staff were praised for their "tireless" work throughout the pandemic and their "highly sensitive" approach to the effects Covid had on children and their families.

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Kirsty Jenkins, Scribbles owner and early intervention specialist, said: "It is an amazing achievement. Having this seal of approval is immense and with this report, we feel validated for what we do.

"We've come through Covid and we still developed, which was quite an achievement."

Ms Jenkins, 48, said she was only as good as the team around her.

"I would love to thank the whole team at Scribbles. We're really solid and we're making huge strides in the community.

"I would also like to mention that Norfolk County Council has been so supportive to our nursery. We couldn't have done it without them."

For more information, visit the Scribbles website.

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Scribbles Day Nursery owner Kirsty Jenkins said the Ofsted report was "validation" for all of the team's work over the pandemic. - Credit: Scribbles Day Nursery