Great Yarmouth High School students create garden

GREEN fingered students are getting a taste for the outdoor life creating a garden at Great Yarmouth High School.

What was a piece of waste ground is gradually being transformed into an attractive setting with flowers, fruit and vegetables.

The team carrying out the work are responsible for designing and planting the plot, which was previously strewn with weeds.

After clearing the area they created raised flower beds and are now looking forward to planting the area. Plans include creating a pond for wildlife, building a shed and even putting up a flag.

Twelve year old York Smith is amongst those learning new skills working on the garden.

He said: “It was all overgrown and we worked really hard to clear the area. We would like to see some plants and vegetables growing up by the summer, but have got to be patient.”

Jordan Howard, 14, has been contacting local businesses to ask if they could provide equipment for the garden.

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He said: “We are getting a shed as soon as we have the money, and need a hosepipe and a tap.

“We have spread manure and hope to grow cauliflowers, potatos, tomatoes and cucumbers.

“It was quite tough clearing the garden, there were loads of weeds.”

Alicia Evans, 13, is one of two girls working on the garden, She said: “We want to have a wild pond with frogs and tadpoles, have been working on this for six weeks and are designing a flag to put up.”

The group has been given some spades from Coopers Direct in Yarmouth, and are hoping that other local businesses will donate equipment.

They are working with PC Rachel Houghton, who is based at Yarmouth High as part of the safer schools partnership, and assistant head teacher Imogen Thurbon.

Ms Thurbon said: “Both myself and Rachel are new to the school, and we are keen to get positive experiences for the students.

“We gave them responsibility for the project and developing the site.

“It has helped boost their self-esteem and social skills, and given them a sense of achievement.

“We want to roll this out to other areas of the school and do bigger projects like landscaping hard areas.”

PC Houghton added: “This is helping to promote positive relations between the students and they have done really well working together.”