Great Yarmouth pupils become engineers for the day

Pupils from Edward Worlledge and an engineer.

The five children from the winning team were Cherry, Leah, Tasha, Chloe and AJ, pictured with Jared Smith, BAM Farrans site engineer. - Credit: Norfolk County Council

Primary school pupils in Great Yarmouth have been learning the ins and outs of the town's new Third River Crossing.

Year 6 pupils from Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy have taken part in a bridge building workshop with engineers from BAM Farrans - the team responsible for the construction of the yet-to-be-named Third River Crossing - as part of the school's 'Aspiration Week'.

The children were split into teams and asked to build a bridge over a sheet of A4 paper, capable of holding a 50 gram load, with extra points for moving parts and added design features.

Pupils from Edward Worlledge

Peighton, Scarlett and Jackson creating their bridge design. - Credit: Norfolk County Council

Craig Honey, principal at Edward Worlledge said: “Our Aspiration Week is designed to help our students think about their goals for the future. What better way to further their interest than engaging them directly in something they see every day?

"Construction and engineering are key sectors for our growing region with many rewarding career paths for our young people to consider but whatever their aspiration, it’s about giving them belief they can achieve their goal.”

More information on the Third River Crossing project is available at