History brought alive for pupils of St Nicholas Priory School

St Nicholas primary School

St Nicholas primary School - Credit: St Nicholas primary School

Year 5 pupils at St Nicholas Priory School in Great Yarmouth enjoyed a visit to Norwich Castle to learn more about Saxons and Vikings, which is part of their history studies.

The day began with the young ones being introduced to four characters from the time: a trader, a jewellery maker, a metal detectorist and a Viking warrior. These characters led workshops for the children including making brooches, learning about a Viking woman’s grave and looking at various artefacts.

The children also listened to the story of Thurweald, a Viking king and how he travelled to distant lands in a longboat, looking for treasures and fighting dragons and other creatures along the way. The children enjoyed acting out travelling in a longboat and creating their own scary creatures.

Afterwards, they were shown objects which would have been buried with Thurweald after his death. The children then sent him on his way with great ceremony to the afterlife.

An enjoyable day was had by all!