Hong Kong headteachers speak same language at Yarmouth school

HEADTEACHERS from Hong Kong were speaking the same language as staff at a Great Yarmouth school during a visit to find out more about teaching children who have English as a second language.

The six-strong delegation from the Chinese region visited Greenacre School in Yarmouth to find out more about how pupils with English as a Second Language (or EALs) are taught.

The headteachers sat in on the children’s classes during their visit on Tuesday last week and spoke to the pupils, as well as the school’s deputy head Karen Lea and English language support teacher Suzanne Hayes, who arranged the visit.

The trip was arranged through the Norwich Institute for Language Education, which each year welcomes more than a thousand teachers, trainers and other language education professionals each year.

By coincidence, one of the school’s pupils was Chinese so the teachers were able to converse in their native tongues, though the school also has pupils from a wide range of countries, including Portugal and states in eastern Europe.