Horrible Science author Nick Arnold visits children at Gorleston school

CHILDREN at a Gorleston primary school were treated to grizzly and gruesome tales last week when a top author delivered a workshop.

Nick Arnold, author of the Horrible Science series spent the day at Peterhouse Primary school for messy experiments.

Pupils wore props including a bald head and glasses with eyeballs on a spring to add to the quirky chemistry fun.

Mr Arnold said: “The children were very appreciative.

“The school was fantastic – I was there to bring the books to life.

“It was a real pleasure to meet the fans of the books.

“There’s a perception that science books are less important than fiction books but both are equally as important – fiction for vocabulary and science to help us understand the world. I aim to make it interesting for the children.

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“I love meeting my readers – it’s a real holiday from writing.”

Youngsters also had the chance to speak to Mr Arnold and get their books signed.

Tracy Doerr, parent support advisor, said: “The books are fantastic because they help the children with science. I hope that the children will go home with their books and their parents will sit down and interact with them.

“I hope it’s going to strengthen the bond between the parents and their children.

“They thoroughly enjoyed his visit.”

He also visited Moorlands School to interact with mini-boffins in Belton.