Budding thrill ride designer gets to work on Yarmouth's rollercoaster

Engineering student Adam Fowler at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach.

Engineering student Adam Fowler who has been getting first hand experience of thrill rides at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. - Credit: Jaydn Johnson

A teenager who wants to dream up the next generation of thrill rides has taken his first step after being given the chance to work behind the scenes on one of the UK’s oldest rollercoasters. 

Adam Fowler, 17, from Norwich, admits he is obsessed with rollercoasters and wants to become a CAD designer using hi-tech technology to help create theme parks and attractions.

The engineering student at University Technical College Norfolk (UTCN), in Norwich, has been given first hand experience towards fulfilling his ambition with a summer job and placement at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach.

Great Yarmouth in the middle of the summer holidays.Pleasure Beach roller coaster.August 2015.

The roller coaster at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach dates back to 1932.

Among the rides he got to work on was the park’s famous traditional wooden rollercoaster that opened in 1932.

Adam, who lives in Norwich, said: “I really enjoyed the experience and learned an awful lot about the rollercoaster, other rides and how operations are carried out. 

“They took me around the inside of the rollercoaster and showed me how the systems have been changed and redone over the years.

“My foot is now in the door in the industry so I hope this will help.”

Adam Fowler behind the scenes at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach.

Adam Fowler, who aims to become a thrill ride designer, behind the scenes at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. - Credit: Jaydn Johnson

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He has been working on a project to design and manufacture his own 3D printed coaster to scale as part of his UTCN course and wanted to get some real-world experience of being part of a theme-park team.

Pleasure Beach director Aaron Jones helped arrange an opportunity for him to spend time with their engineering team and is now exploring future training and apprenticeship opportunities for him too. 

Directors, brothers Jamie, left, and Aaron Jones, at the roller coaster ready to welcome the public

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach directors Jamie and Aaron Jones. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

“We will do all we can to help him achieve his ambitions. It helps him grow his skills base and ensures our industry has a pipeline of talent, knowledge, and imaginative employees to keep it thriving,” he said. 

Fellow Pleasure Beach director Jamie Jones added: “Adam’s appreciation and knowledge of rollercoasters is growing. The team here enjoyed sharing their knowledge with him and giving him an insight into how the ride operates. 

Yarmouth Pleasure beach open for the new season.

Sky Drop one of the thrill rides at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. - Credit: Nick Butcher

“I would not be surprised if we have a ride designed by him here in future years.”

Sophie Skipp, employer engagement coordinator at UTCN, said: “For him to have this opportunity to learn from experts while also gaining a valuable insight into the theme park industry and the world of work has been fantastic.”

Happy faces as people enjoy the Disko ride as the Pleasure Beach opens to welcome back the public. P

Happy faces as people enjoy the Disko ride at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

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