Scare after child goes missing from Caister nursery

A CAISTER nursery has tightened its pick-up procedures after a child was able to leave the building and go missing for three quarters of an hour.

Caister Infant, Nursery and Children’s Centre was subject to an Ofsted investigation when a parent experienced the terrifying ordeal after her three-year-old daughter was able to slip away unnoticed and wander the streets.

Mum, Vicky Brumpton, who lives in the village with her daughter Mia, said she was worried she would never see her daughter again and has questioned the safeguarding standards of the nursery.

The 33-year-old said: “I was in a shop when I received a call from the nursery asking if I had picked Mia up. It was then I realised she was missing. I just started screaming and called the police and my mum in Caister straight away so she could start looking for her. I just couldn’t breathe.

“Mia was supposed to stay at the nursery every Tuesday until 5pm, but they did not have her down to stay till then and had got her coat as if she was going home 3pm.

“Mia had been told to sit down on two occasions while other children were leaving, but then the staff were distracted and Mia got out. “From the school, there is a long lane you have to walk down and then there is a busier road with lots of traffic. She walked all that way and then through Caister cemetery to our road where a lady saw her on her own and told her to get in the car.

“Mia then pointed out where our house was and the lady took Mia to our next door neighbours while I wasn’t there.

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“Anyone could have taken her, so at the time I thought I would never see her again.”

The nursery, based at the school on Kingston Avenue, said they have renewed and strengthened their pick-up procedures following the incident. and have installed an external gate as an extra barrier.

Brendan McCarney, headteacher, said: “We have robust policies in place to ensure the safety of all children in our school but regrettably there was an isolated incident last month when one of our pupils managed to leave the nursery.

“This was a distressing incident for everyone concerned and we would like to apologise to the child’s parents once again.”

A report by OFSTED said: “We are satisfied with the action taken by the provider and no further action was required.”