Sixth form college dedicates new student services centre to former principal

Former principal at East Norfolk Sixth Form, John Adnitt opens a new centre at the college.Byline: S

Former principal at East Norfolk Sixth Form, John Adnitt opens a new centre at the college.Byline: Sonya DuncanCopyright: Archant 2017 - Credit: Sonya Duncan

A former college leader has opened a student services centre named in his honour.

East Norfolk Sixth Form College’s named the Adnitt centre after former principal John Adnitt who was in charge of the college during its formative years.

Mr Adnitt led the Gorleston college from 1982-94 said he was very pleased to be visiting the college he spent so many years at the helm of.

The now 77-year-old who lives in the West Midlands added: “It think it’s a tremendous honour to have this centre named after me because I can’t think of anything more important to go into a college than this sort of thing.

“Helping students get to get to grips with all the information and problem solving they need to achieve their life goals is vital.

“Life is very complicated these days, more so than it used to be. Students need a tremendous amount of advice about the different options available to them.”

The ex-school leader was visiting the college to officially open the centre, which is based in the old library.

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He unveiled a plaque and shared stories about his time at the college spoke warmly of his former colleagues who had come back to the college for the opening.

Some of the college’s current staff remember Mr Adnitt as their principal when they were students at the college and were there for the opening ceremony.

The principal East Norfolk Sixth Form College, Catherine Richards, said she was very pleased for the centre to be named after her former colleague.

Dr Richards added: “He’s a lovely man and it’s been so really interesting to meet so many former leaders and teachers of the college and hear how proud they are of where the college is today.”

The new student services centre brings together all the support available for pupils in one place, from the welfare officer and nurse to careers advice.

Dr Richards said the college took its obligations to support students very seriously.

She added: “What we’ve found already is by bringing the services under one roof in a more nurturing environment students know there’s a place to go to get help and support.”

For the past two decades Mr Adnitt has been helping a nursery school in Gambia after chancing upon it on holiday and still helps fund raise for it to this day.