Special school with coronavirus cases will stay open for its ‘vulnerable pupils’

John Grant School in Caister-on-Sea. Photo: Archant

John Grant School in Caister-on-Sea. Photo: Archant - Credit: Archant

Dozens of pupils at a Norfolk special school have been sent home following both confirmed and potential coronavirus cases.

Pam Ashworth headmistress of John Grant school, Caister, said the school was in close contact with t

Pam Ashworth headmistress of John Grant school, Caister, said the school was in close contact with the local Outbreak Management Team. Photo: Supplied - Credit: Archant

Pam Ashworth, head teacher of the John Grant School in Caister-on-Sea, said the rest of the school was open as normal, but that she was in conversation with the local authority outbreak management team and awaiting further instruction.

She said: “We have had two members of staff test positive for coronavirus. We also have around five pupils and members of staff waiting for test results after showing symptoms.

“Currently, five of our classes are open as normal, three are partially-closed and nine classes have been sent home. Not all of the classes who’ve been sent home have a case, or are waiting for results, it just means their bubble has been affected.

“There have been rumours on Facebook that the school is closed completely, but that’s incorrect.

“We are in fact open and will continue to be until we are told otherwise by the local authority.

“Some parents probably got the wrong idea because one class was sent home, put two and two together and made eight.”

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In terms of distancing and sanitising regimes, Ms Ashworth said the school had gone “beyond government advice”, and that each classroom had received a deep-clean as soon as someone began showing symptoms or was required to self-isolate.

She said: “Our school is a special school and all our pupils are highly vulnerable. We only have 149 pupils altogether.

“We will try and stay open for them as long as possible.

“If that changes we will let our parents know immediately.”

Norfolk this week recorded its highest number of positive Covid-19 cases in a day, although the number of people with the virus being admitted to each of the county’s hospitals each day has remained in single figures.

On Monday, November 9, there were 249 new cases of the virus, beating the previous high of 199 on October 23.

However, it is worth noting that, during the first wave of the virus, there was far less testing available.

In the seven days up to November 9, Great Yarmouth’s case rate per 100,000 people reached 199.3.