School's Squid Game break time play warning

Some schools have been contacting parents over Squid Game on Netflix, which is not suitable for children under 15.

Peterhouse Primary School were proactive in advising parents about pupils playing scenes from Squid Game. - Credit: Netflix

A school has contacted parents after the popularity of a violent Netflix show filtered down to the playground.

Peterhouse Church of England Primary Academy in Gorleston emailed parents on Thursday informing them that some pupils had been re-enacting scenes from Squid Games.

The Korean show, which is Netflix's biggest debut hit, has an age rating of 15 and sees innocent children's games turn deadly.

Playground supervisors at Peterhouse informed teachers pupils were re-enacting scenes from the Netflix show.

They asked children to choose more appropriate games to play.

The school also posted information on its Facebook page with advice for parents.

Ryan Freeman outside a school.

Ryan Freeman, headteacher of Peterhouse CofE Primary Academy. - Credit: Submitted

Headteacher of Peterhouse Primary school, Ryan Freeman, said: "Our children play beautifully.

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"However, on a minority of occasions, ​references to the television program Squid Game and the games that are played on this programme have been made by children, in what they tell us and through their play.

"We spoke to children and alerted parents to raise awareness of the issue and to ensure children can continue to be safe and happy at school and home.

"The children of Peterhouse are an absolute delight and show excellent behaviour.

"Part of our success with this is because we act on anything that could undermine this promptly, by involving children, staff and families.

"This particular situation is a good example of this.

"It is our duty to stay abreast of current trends and help our families stay safe and this includes in the online world.

"We hope that by raising awareness of this particular issue we can support parents in the very difficult task of monitoring what their children see on television or social media."

Peterhouse Primary School has been closed as a 'precautionary measure'. Picture: James Bass

The academy informed parents on Thursday - Credit: James Bass

One parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "I have watched the squid game personally and have played Red Light Green Light with my daughter as it is a child's game.

"But I certainly didn't mention anything inappropriate or explain how it was played in the series.

"I was shocked to hear children understood the series and had partially watched it.

"I feel the school have jumped in early to tackle any inappropriate behaviour and by sending emails to all parents it should be dealt with fast and efficiently.

"Great job by the school."