Elearning training for Seajacks staff

OILENNIUM Ltd of Loddon, a provider of technical and Health and Safety training programmes to the international oil and gas industry, has successfully completed a series of customised eLearning training programmes for Seajacks, the Great Yarmouth-based operator of purpose-built, self-propelled jack-up vessels for the global oil and gas and wind energy industries.

The courses are currently being taken by 150 employees around the world.

The Health and Safety courses, with colourful animations and interactivity, proved to be so popular and effective, we decided to bring Oilennium in to revitalise our vessel Induction video for the harsh environment installation vessel Seajacks Kraken,” said Max Paterson, sales and marketing manager for Seajacks.

“Their work on the Kraken vessel video was so impressive, we decided to have Oilennium develop bespoke videos for two more vessels: the Seajacks Leviathan and the Seajacks Zaratan. Since we began training our employees via the new safety training and vessel induction programmes, there has been a marked improvement in employee appreciation of safety, and of the unique characteristics of each vessel.

“When an employee arrives to work on a vessel for the first time, the learning curve is much lower, which means that they can get to the tasks at hand much more rapidly,” he added.