Empty land in Great Yarmouth to become residential parking spaces

Residents of Nursery Terrace standing in the area to be surfaced and turned into 12 car parking spac

Residents of Nursery Terrace standing in the area to be surfaced and turned into 12 car parking spaces. L-R: Barry Fitzgerald, Josie Fitzgerald, Susan Gibbs and Tony Barker - Credit: Archant

Dedicated parking spaces are to be created for residents in two streets in Great Yarmouth after they raised the issue with the borough council.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is to create 12 spaces for residents in Nursery Terrace and Cobden Terrace on a strip of rough open ground it owns near the houses in the terrace.

It comes after some residents approached the council’s Yarmouth Area Committee for help after an increase in casual parking in the area, particularly at night, causing congestion.

The land, which was once the site of homes, has been owned by the council since the second world war. For decades, the whole space was a drying area with linen posts for householders to hang up washing.

Over the years, the drying space has gradually decreased and more of the room has been used for ad-hoc car parking. Only a small grassy area remains of the original drying area.

The resident parking project, estimated to cost about £20,000, will see the current parking area surfaced and marked out as 12 bays, with posts and chains to ensure they can only be used by residents. The drying area will also be remodelled - but retained in size, and a vehicle turning area will be created.

GYB Services Ltd, the borough council’s operational partner, is preparing the specification for the scheme, which would be funded by the sale and/or rental of the parking spaces to residents. Letters informing residents of the project will be delivered to homes in the area.

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The borough council is asking Norfolk County Council to provide double yellow lines on the northern side of the roadway at the junction with Northgate Street to provide safer access, and also to repair the broken-up footpath in the cul-de-sac.

Councillor Michael Castle, chairman of the Yarmouth Area Committee, said: “All these householders don’t have proper dedicated parking and they often find that other people come in there and clog up what space there is.

“They will now have their own parking space, which they can put a chain in front of, and they will know it will remain free. If they are owner-occupiers, it will improve the value of their house and if they’re tenants it will increase their quality of life as well.”

Josie Fitzgerald, who moved into Nursery Terrace 20 months ago and approached the council about the issue, said: “I am delighted to have worked with the borough council to secure a scheme which will create a nicer, safer environment for all residents.

“This will get rid of the current, unsurfaced stony parking area – because it is a nightmare, especially in winter – and we will be guaranteed a place to park, rather than having to park in the road sometimes.”