Animal charity's urgent appeal to help dogs like Teddy

Teddy enjoying his forever home thanks to Faith animal rescue in Hickling

The owners of Teddy, a Lhasa Apso, were advised to have him euthanised because his behaviour was so bad. However, after rehabilitation at Faith in Hickling he found his forever home. - Credit: Faith Animal Rescue

An animal rescue centre has launched an urgent fundraising appeal for £8,000 to help with vets' bills over Christmas.

Faith, based at Hickling, relies on donations from the public and saw income drop by £82,000 in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The shortfall meant half the staff lost their jobs and prevented the centre from fully opening to the public.

A dog tries out some of the play equipment at Faith Animal Rescue in Hickling Picture: Faith

A dog tries out play equipment at Faith which will only destroy an animal on veterinary advice to end suffering, not because it is old or badly behaved. - Credit: Faith Animal Rescue

The charity says vets' bills are its biggest expense as all animals are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed. 

Supporting the rescue centre’s long-term residents is also a large cost as many dogs spend up to two years being rehabilitated or cared for before being ready for adoption.

Some animals whose age or behaviour make it impossible to re-home remain at Faith for the rest of their lives.

Founder, Judith Simmance said: “We are a small charity with a big job to do and are always grateful for donations and volunteers.

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"The past year has been a difficult time and reluctantly we had to close to the public during this crisis.

"But our vital work continues, and we are very much hoping to be able to open to the general public again.”

The charity looks after animals including dogs, cats, pigs, goats, peacocks, horses, donkeys, sheep and chickens, rehoming more than 9,500 dogs since launching in 1994.

£8,000 in donations would cover vets bills for the next two months.

An appeal is also being made for volunteers who can provide a fixed number of hours every week to help with engaging visitors enabling the centre to reopen to the public twice a month.

Among animals helped by Faith is Teddy a Lhasa Apso whose Liverpool-based owners were advised to have him put to sleep due to his aggression.

They drove across the country to give him the chance of rehabilitation and a new home.

Faith's experienced dog behaviourists worked with him for 12 months until he was ready to find a home - a process costing some £6,000.

His new owner, Sarah, said: "He's genuinely the light of my day, he's a right little bundle that makes me so happy.”

Donations can be made via Faith's Facebook page.