Who forgets their teeth? Weird things left on buses

Forgetful travellers in Norfolk and Waveney have left all sorts of things on buses in the past year

Forgetful travellers in Norfolk and Waveney have left all sorts of things on buses in the past year including a set of teeth Picture: First Eastern Counties - Credit: Archant

From a trumpet to a pushchair, false teeth to crutches – people really do leave some odd things on buses.

Items are handed in daily across Norfolk and Waveney - some of which make the mind boggle as to how they could be so easily forgotten.

Among the general tide of hats, coats, umbrellas and phones, staff at First Eastern Counties Buses also take possession of some bizarre items.

A spokesman said: "It seems unbelievable but true, just how much lost property is left on First Eastern Counties buses and ends up in our lost property department.

"Daily, items are handed in by our drivers and passengers who retrieve lost items found by them on the bus.

"We have experienced some quite unique events where a man walked into our travel shop to retrieve his crutches and on another occasion a rather embarrassed person asking for their teeth back.

"The most regular items left behind are umbrellas, mobile phones and shopping but our travel centre staff are amazed at some of the unusual items that turn up.

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"Our staff make every effort to return lost items to their owners if there is identification attached but unfortunately many items go unclaimed."

Sports rackets, gloves, and skateboards are also regularly left on buses along with keys and cuddly toys.

Chris Speed, head of operations at First Eastern Counties said: "It can be quite entertaining hearing about the unusual items and experiences surrounding lost property items found on our buses.

"It is not surprising though, with the thousands of people we carry daily that items will turn up as lost.

"It is always satisfying to be able to return lost property to its rightful owner especially the more valuable items"

"People say 'it always happens on the buses' and this is a good example of some of the funny experiences we deal with on a daily basis."

However, all lost property is retained for one month before being passed on to local charities, excluding perishable goods that are only kept for 24 hours before being disposed of.

First Eastern Counties is made up of businesses in Norwich, Ipswich, Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Kings Lynn.

It operates a fleet of 250 buses across the area, employing 723 staff.