Family's heartbreak as car damages workshop built by father and son

A vehicle crashed into the side of a wall. Rubble is on the floor.

Damage can be seen on Johnson Street A1062 , near Ludham Bridge. - Credit: James Weeds

A "freak incident" which badly damaged a workshop has robbed a Norfolk family of one of their last remaining links to a loved one.

A car left the road at Johnson Street A1062 near Ludham Bridge and crashed into a motorbike workshop on Monday, August 16 at approximately 5.40pm.

A mangled wheel from the destroyed vehicle.

Police cordoned the vehicle and a temporary traffic light is in place on Johnson Street A1062, near Ludham Bridge. - Credit: James Weeds

Two ambulances attended the scene and two patients were transferred to James Paget University Hospital for further assessment and care.

Roger Lee, who rents the workshop for his business Beasty Bikes and Motorcycles, narrowly avoided injury.

Liam Carter, son of the owner of the workshop, said he was "heartbroken" about the crash as he had helped build the workshop with his late father.

Mr Carter said: "There are a lot of memories attached to these bricks.

"I am relieved to announce that, to my knowledge, no serious injuries were reported and the driver was safely removed from the vehicle.

A vehicle embedded through a doorway.

The vehicle crashed through the side of Beasty Bikes Motorcycles' and through the office, where Mr Lee had been minutes before the incident. - Credit: James Weeds

"Looking at the photographs I may start believing in miracles.

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"For any injuries sustained by the driver and passenger, I am wishing you a speedy recovery and sending your family my best wishes for what must be a difficult time for you all."

Mr Carter added that he is saddened that Mr Lee's motorcycle-building business is currently "hanging in the balance" as a result of the incident.

"This is someone’s livelihood, the product of years and years of hard work building both a business and a strong reputation.

"I trust that his loyal customers will support him throughout this trying time and we can get the business back on its feet as quickly as possible."

The wrecked pickup truck.

The vehicle crashed into Beasty Bikes Motorcycles near Ludham Hill on Monday, August 16. - Credit: James Weeds

Mr Carter added that the crash has also had an impact on his mother's wellbeing.

"She's not a property magnate, doesn't have a bursting portfolio, or limitless income.

"She's a widow, in her 50s, renting a building at her home to help a friend build his business back up following a relocation.

"Having lost her husband far too soon, she has now lost one of her last remaining links to him.

"It's easy to look at this as a collection of bricks, but each brick has a memory.

"A piece of our history blown away by a freak incident."