Family's plea for Yarmouth murder review

The brother and sister of a Great Yarmouth man brutally murdered 25 years ago have made an impassioned plea for the police to re-launch their inquiry into the unsolved crime.

The brother and sister of a Great Yarmouth man brutally murdered 25 years ago have made an impassioned plea for the police to re-launch their inquiry into the unsolved crime.

Plumber Tony Miller, 48, and his sister Linda Kevern, 54, are also urging detectives to consider possible links between the apparently motiveless knifing of Peter Miller, 24, and garage owners Jim Hall and Andrew Ventham who - a quarter of a century later - are under suspicion of killing father-of-three Derick Tempest, missing from his Yarmouth home since October.

Mr Tempest, 30, was last seen walking towards the Camden Place garage of the two men who, days later, were found dead in their workshop having apparently committed suicide. Forensic evidence since found in the police search of the garage points to Mr Tempest having been seriously harmed there.

But Norfolk police spokeswoman Nicola Thorndyke said: “At the moment, there is nothing to link the inquiry into Mr Tempest's disappearance with any other case.”

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She added that as was the case with all unsolved murders, if fresh evidence emerged regarding Mr Miller's killing, it would be investigated.

Mr Miller, of Suffolk Road, Gorleston, said Peter, who was unemployed in 1984 but who had ambitions to join the Army, was living with him and his wife.

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He recalled that he and his wife had been out all day on Sunday, December 9, 1984: “We returned to Yarmouth at about 7.30pm, walking in the house to find Peter lying on the floor of the kitchen.

“The post mortem found he had been killed by a single stab wound to the chest. It is thought the murder took place about 45 minutes before we got back.

“One neighbour reported speaking to Peter at about 4pm and that was the last time he was seen. There was no apparent motive then and there is still no motive today.”

Mr Miller said two tea cups found in the living room after the murder suggested his brother had let someone in the house whom he knew.

There had also been several sightings, reported in the EDP at the time, of his brother with a fair-haired man of similar age in the days before the killing. No-one has ever come forward to police despite widespread appeals.

Mrs Kevern, of Barkis Road, Yarmouth, said: “We are not motivated by revenge, we just want closure. There could be a killer still walking around our streets.”

Mr Miller said at the time of the 1984 killing, Mr Hall and Mr Ventham, who were already running the Yarmouth garage where they were recently found dead, were living directly behind the Camden Place terraced home he and his first wife shared with his brother.

Mr Hall, who later moved with his friend to nearby Queens Road, is quoted in the EDP report on the murder on December 11, 1984 as saying he had complained to the police and council about the victim's dog barking.

Mr Miller said: “No motive has ever been established for the murder, and the weapon, believed to be a knife with a six or seven inch blade, has never been found.

“We are not saying Mr Hall and Mr Ventham committed the murder but we want police to reconsider the evidence to look at any possible involvement. We want honest answers.”

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