Family's tribute to Kristine

Every day tiny triggers cause Pauline Errington's eyes to prick with tears - a dress that daughter Kristine would have loved, a glimpse of one of her school pals all grown up.

Every day tiny triggers cause Pauline Errington's eyes to prick with tears - a dress that daughter Kristine would have loved, a glimpse of one of her school pals all grown up.

Six years after the 12-year-old was killed the tragic suddenness of her death still ricochets through family life.

The anniversary of the accident on June 6 is always a hurdle along with her birthday - it was her 18th in January - and Christmas.

But this year Mrs Errington, who is 46 today , is determined not to wrap herself in the grief and trauma of those dark summer days and instead focus on a fundraising effort to honour Kristine's memory and raise money for road safety charity Brake.

Heading up the attempt is her new husband Craig Levers, whose dream of doing a parachute jump for his 30th birthday was hijacked by Mrs Errington as the main driver for the event.

Big sister Leanne, now 20, is planning a raft of events at the pub she manages: The Golfers Arms in North Denes Road.

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Now a mum herself to three-year-old Krissy, Leanne was with Kristine on that fateful day. The giggly schoolgirls were making their way to Vauxhall Holiday Park where their mother still works as a receptionist but were hit by a car as they got to the barrier at Acle New Road.

Kristine died three days later.

The trauma of those days, the collision, the hope, turning off the life support machine, has taken a heavy toll.

But Mrs Errington radiates love and pride as she talks about her horse-mad “dizzy-blonde” daughter who loved mucking out and never gave a thought to her appearance.

Some days she says the grief is still as raw and aching as it was six year ago, other days she fares better.

Having to respond to a question about how many children she has is difficult. Of course she has three: Kristine, Leanne and 13-year-old Paul, but how to explain it?

Mr Levers never knew Kristine but has come to appreciate her through the stories her family have told and the many pictures and possessions her mother has kept.

Despite moving to Tennyson Road in Great Yarmouth, Mrs Errington has kept every single thing of Kristine's - photos, clothes, toys and even her dirty washing. Going through her belongings is still too upsetting but she cannot part with anything and is not sure she ever will.

“You just learn to live with it,” she said. “You don't have any choice. The bad days are just as bad as soon after it happened. It is not something you ever get over. We got through 15 minutes at a time for the first few years but we always talked about her and still do. Now we feel we are doing something positive in her memory.”

Touched by the many letters of sympathy the family received at the time they are hoping people will support the charity weekend from Friday, May 29 to Sunday. It starts with an 80s disco on Friday, a stitch-up karaoke on Saturday, and a Golden Mile pyjama run on Sunday from Britannia Pier and back starting at 11am. Two bands The Lore Breakers and Graham John Stacey will be playing for free at the Golfers on Sunday evening. Weather permitting Mr Levers will do his jump on June 6.

North Denes Junior School, where Kristine was a pupil, is also planning some events.

Vauxhall Holiday Park and Gorleston's Cliff Hotel are among those to have donated raffle/auction prizes but more are needed. Contact the Golfers Arms on 01493 331841. To sponsor the skydive and raise money for Brake visit