Father’s call for speed restrictions on Gorleston street

A FATHER is calling for urgent safety measures in the Gorleston road where he lives after his daughter was involved in an accident with a car, leaving her in hospital.

Daniel Ford, 36 is campaigning for a speed camera to be installed and the speed limit in his section of Magdalen Way to be reduced from 30mph to 20mph after his daughter Kayla Small, 7, was involved in the accident shortly before 4pm on Friday.

Kayla suffered head injuries and abrasions to her stomach, chest and hips and is awaiting tests on her eyes to determine whether she has suffered any sight damage.

Police have investigated the incident, and the Vectra driver’s conduct is not under suspicion.

However, Mr Ford said he wanted the extra safety measures because his area of the road was close to the Seagulls Sure Start Children’s Centre.

He said: “I fear she won’t be the last child to be involved in an accident along here; it will be someone else. I would like to see somebody do something to bring the speed limit down.”

The Peterhouse Primary School pupil had just returned home from school, and was running across the road to see her friend Maddy when the collision happened.

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Mr Ford, who lives with his partner Michelle Saiche, 35, and has four other children, said he was in his lounge at the time and the first he knew was when he heard voices outside saying there had been an accident.

“When I first saw her I honestly thought she was a goner. She started screaming, and I tried to get her to stay still while we were waiting for the ambulance to arrive. I am very wary of traffic coming along this road now.”

Martin Barsby, spokesman for Norfolk County Council, said there were no current plans for road safety work in that section of Magdalen Way.

However, he added: “Without having the full facts around the cause of this collision it is very difficult for us to make any kind of judgment.

“If, as a result of this incident, the police contact us with a particular concern, or the accident record for this area highlighted an issue, then we would look at improvements.”