Pre-planning application fees set to be charged across borough

Planning advice for developments are set Picture:Luckie8

Planning advice for developments are set Picture:Luckie8 - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Plans to introduce pre-planning application advice fees across the borough of Great Yarmouth have taken a step forward.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s policy and resources committee has passed a recommendation that prospective planning applicants who seek advice and guidance before submitting a bid will be charged.

Under a charges formula alterations to buildings advice would cost £92, minor developments of up to nine homes or the equivalent commercial floor space advice would be charged up to £582, medium developments of up to 199 homes and the commercial equivalent would have to pay up to £1,626 in advice fees and larger developments bids could pay up to £2,926.

The final decision will be made by a full meeting of the borough council, which aims to introduce the fee regime by October 1.

Exemption would include charities, parish councils, adaptations for disabled people and enquiries relating to a refused or withdrawn planning application or any follow up enquiry within six months of the original one.