Festive Peter lights up lives on his Yarmouth street

A JOYFUL great grandad has been spreading festive cheer throughout his Great Yarmouth street with his eye-catching display of Christmas lights.

Peter Cox’s home in Beresford Road has become a beacon of yuletide celebration as every year he adorns it with metres and metres of twinkling lights and fills his front lawn with colourful festive characters.

The 75 year old, who happily admits he still believes in Father Christmas, has been decorating his house since he moved there in 1990.

But each year his collection of lights has grown, and his colourful displays are now an annual attraction among fellow residents and youngsters walking passed to get to Alderman Swindell School.

Peter said this year his lights were costing him around �3 a day to power but he enjoyed receiving the complimentary comments from pupils and passers by.

His daughter Tracy added: “It’s the brightest house, you see it as soon as you turn down the road.

“There was a year he missed because he was ill and a lchild walked past and said ‘where’s that man’s lights?’ and we had to get a friend over to ours to put them up because dad said the children will be disappointed.”

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Peter makes sure to take the lights down within the 12 days after Christmas an operation which - despite the number of decorations - does not take too long.