Filby Dad reunited with lost Christmas cash

A DAD has praised the ‘honesty’ of a do-gooder who saved his family’s Christmas by handing in �500 of lost money.

Nigel Brown left the money in Great Yarmouth’s Pasteur Road Tesco just days before he was going to give them to his five children for Christmas.

But despite not having the money on Christmas day, he was delighted when he discovered through the Mercury website that someone had handed the cash over to the security guards at Tescos, who then handed them onto the police.

And now Mr Brown has vowed to repay the person who reunited him with the money by offering them a reward.

Mr Browm, 45, of Filby, who is a safety advisor on an offshore rig, said the money was slotted inside gift cards within a WH Smith’s bag, which he believes fell out of his car door on Christmas eve.

He said: “I found out when I called home last night [Wednesday] and my wife got all excited and said ‘you wouldn’t believe it someone has handed in our money’ and then she emailed me the link.”

“I have to admit I am very surprised someone handed the money in. The thing that got to me the most though was that I was not able to give my children their cards on Christmas day.

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“If the person would like to come forward them I would be happy to give them a reward for being so honest.

“I don’t want to award the security guards in Tesco because it was someone else who handed the cash over to them first.”

If you were responsible for handing the money in then contact Nigel Brown by emailing him on