Firefighters dash to tackle blaze at coastal holiday resort

holiday homes on fire

Smoke above Hermanus Holidays, Winterton-on-Sea. - Credit: Archant

Firefighters and paramedics were called to a coastal resort following a blaze in a holiday site earlier this afternoon.

Shortly before 1pm, emergency services were alerted to a blaze at Winteron-on-Sea.

At around 1.50pm, there was already 'a fleet' of fire engines, police, and ambulances present at the resort and in the village.

Smoke could be seen above the colourful bungalows of Hermanus Holidays beachside resort, The Holway, with plumes of smoke also visible outside Fisherman's Return Pub, The Lane. 

Rachel and Frankie Blofeld, from Essex, were staying in one of the bungalows behind the fire when staff told them to evacuate.

ambulance in narrow street

One of the ambulances at the scene of the fire - Credit: Archant

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Mr Blofeld said they could smell the smoke before they saw it, and that the entire roof of the main building was gone, which includes the reception, dining room, and kitchen. He added that it seemed the whole building would have to be rebuilt.

Frankie Blofeld, who witnessed the fire while staying in a nearby bungalow

Frankie Blofeld, who witnessed the fire while staying in a nearby bungalow - Credit: Liz Coates

The couple, who are only five days into their two-week break, praised the staff for their swift action and said "there was no sense of panic".

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Another woman who lives nearby and did not wish to be named said acrid smoke was coming into her home.

She understood the fire was in the arcade and not the main area.

A neighbour said: "It's such bad luck, not being able to open and then having this fire."

Fire crews were witnessed preparing to leave the site at around 3.45pm.

No information has been released at this stage regarding any injuries or damage caused to the property.

A spokesman for Hermanus refused to comment on the blaze.

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