Fireworks over Ludham cemetery celebrations

IT is a tradition that has lasted a decade, but a local voice has spoken out against the fireworks set off on in a Ludham cemetery.

Since the new year’s eve celebrations for the new millennium, the display has taken place on the grounds of St Catherine’s Church.

But Robert Davison, who has lived in the village for ten years, is speaking out against what he calls the “disrespectful” practice- and adds that others are in agreement with him.

Mr Davison, 67, went to the fireworks the first year he moved to the village, but left in disgust when he discovered where they were being launched.

He said: “I was appalled when I first found out, and over the years many people have complained to me about it, which you can understand as there are those who have loved ones buried there.”

Mr Davison, who also objected to a bar being brought into the church for certain community events, said he thought there were a number of fields that could be used for the celebrations in the area.

The fact that the fireworks were let off near a war memorial in the cemetery, he added, reflected badly on the Ludham.

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“I think it demeans the village. I mean, if a graveyard isn’t sacred where is? If youngsters starting doing similar, it would be called anti social behaviour.”

In response, the Ven Jan McFarlane, spokesperson for the Diocese of Norwich, said: “Christians believe in resurrection.

“They believe that when someone dies, they go home to be with God, and it is their earthly remains which are buried in our churchyards.

“Clearly such areas should be treated with respect, but I do not think that holding a community event such as fireworks once a year on New Year’s Eve is in any way disrespectful.

“I imagine those who have died would be pleased to see those who are living enjoying life to the full.”

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