Fireworks tribute to Mia Lucy

FAMILY and friends gathered on Gorleston clifftop on Monday night to pay tribute to Mia-Lucy Rose, whose life was tragically cut short at the age of 24 while she was on a world back-packing adventure.

On what would have been her 31st birthday, 31 fireworks were set off from the beach at 7pm in a ceremony that was followed by a party at the family home in Buxton Avenue, Gorleston.

Her father Derek, a director of Great Yarmouth’s E-Tech Group, said: “I had messages from friends all around the world saying they would be lighting candles as well.

“We cracked a few beers and there were plenty of smiles in celebration of the 24 years Mia was with us. People who could not join us in Gorleston were invited to do the same at home.”

He said her friends had remarked that Mia-Lucy might not have been so happy celebrating her 31st birthday and getting the wrinkles they were now getting.

Mia-Lucy was at the centre of an international rescue mission when she was swept away by a current on the River Mekong in the south-east country of Laos in March 2004.

However, hopes that she might have safely got to shore down river in a jungle region known as 4,000 Islands were dashed when her body was found. At the time her father was crossing the border from Thailand to join in the search.

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Inspired by the support of funeralgoers, her family set up a charity called the Mia-Lucy Trust which funded a clifftop trim trail, aided the International Rescue Corps which supported the abortive rescue mission, and helped a number of local causes.

Mr Rose said: “We are going to wind the trust down now but will continue to organise events to support the International Rescue Corps and any local good causes that come along.”