First meteor shower of 2021 to light up Norfolk

Peak activity of the Perseid meteor shower.

The first meteor shower of 2021 is incoming.  - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The first meteor shower of 2021 is expected to peak very soon. 

The Quadrantid meteor shower is active from December 12 to January 12, but the peak is expected to happen on January 3. 

For Norfolk, the shower has been predicted to reach its peak activity at around 4pm. For the best displays, you should keep your eyes on the sky after dusk on January 3.

At its peak, the Quadrantid shower is expected to produce a rate of 118 meteors per hour in Norfolk. 

At this time, the Earth's rotation will turn Norfolk to face towards the direction of incoming meteors. 

A meteor shower occurs when the Earth passes through debris which has been left behind by comets and asteroids. 

At non-peak times, there will be fewer meteors over Norfolk, but the ones that do appear will be long-lived meteors which will travel across a wide area of sky.