Flash flooding hits Gorleston and Bradwell

TORRENTIAL rain has brought flash flooding to Gorleston High Street. Firefighters are currently on scene near the Lloyds TSB building where the water is reported to be about 8inches deep.

TORRENTIAL rain brought flash flooding to Gorleston High Street this afternoon.

Fire fighters were called to an area near the Lloyds TSB building at 3.25pm as the water reached heights of about 8inches, dangerously close to flooding the bank.

One fire engine from Great Yarmouth attended the scene although the services of the brigade were not needed.

Fire fighters were also called out to the Bradwell Community Centre after members of the village's over 60s club noticed water was leaking into the Lord's Lane building.

It was initially feared that the rain water would reach electrical box in the community centre. Although the water did not reach any electrical source the centre suffered some damage and cars had to be left in the centre's flooded car park.

And volunteers at the Citizens' Advice Bureau in Stonecutters Way, Yarmouth, were left mopping up after water seeped under a wall from a flooded courtyard and reached skirting board level.

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Advice session supervisor Pete Eldridge said: “At the worst point, the water in the courtyard was 4in deep and fire fighters came to pump us out.”

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