Penthouse flats plan revealed for former pub site

Demolition of Suspension Bridge pub

Machinery at work on the site of the former Suspension Bridge pub. It's demolition has aroused local interest and seen a Lacons' falcon stolen from the site. - Credit: Liz Coates

As a landmark Great Yarmouth pub is reduced to rubble more details have emerged about what will replace it.

Wrecking teams have moved in to demolish The Suspension Bridge pub which remembers the site of the town's biggest tragedy in its name.

It  went up for sale earlier this year with planning for seven apartments.

Suspension Bridge pub, Yarmouth.
Picture: Nick Butcher

Flashback: The Suspension Bridge pub, Yarmouth, which has been knocked down for flats. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

A new bid for ten luxury apartments with parking and penthouse flats on the top storey has been submitted to planners but not yet agreed.

Developer Wayne Harrison of Harrico Homes said there was a lot of local affection for the old pub with people stopping by to collect souvenir bricks as a reminder of happy times spent there.

Among those taking a last look was a former publican who was behind the bar in the 60s and 70s when it was a vibrant community hub.

"It was nice to hear about how it was in those times," Mr Harrison said.

Suspension Bridge pub, Yarmouth.
Picture: Nick Butcher

Flashback: The Suspension Bridge pub, Great Yarmouth, which has been reduced to rubble. - Credit: Archant

He said several people had asked for memorabilia from the pub,  including a Lacons' falcon set in an alcove which was stolen overnight while demolition was taking place.

"A few people were interested in that," he said, adding: "I would have taken it to the museum."

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Mr Harrison said he had a good track record for delivering sympathetic developments across the borough including at Mill Lane in Cobholm and Gorleston Riverside where he had enjoyed creating multi-level homes with first floor gardens.

He said he wanted to regenerate the area and improve the gateway entrance to the town.

Suspension Bridge pub demolished Great Yarmouth

The Suspension Bridge pub in Great Yarmouth has been reduced to rubble. - Credit: Liz Coates

The pub, which stood at the approach to an earlier bridge which now spans the river further to the south, is thought to have been named after the former suspension bridge which collapsed in 1845, killing 79 people.

Reportedly they were craning to see a clown called Nelson sitting in a barrel and being pulled down-river by four geese in a promotional stunt for the circus.

Hundreds of people, mostly children, gathered on the suspension bridge over the river Bure to see the spectacle before it collapsed under the weight of the crowd.

Records  show there has been a pub on the site for at least 100 years. 

Plans for ten flats by River Bure

A planning notice at the Suspension Bridge pub site advertising plans for ten luxury flats overlooking the river with private gardens. - Credit: Liz Coates

Residents have raised concerns over parking. 

To view the plans visit the borough council's planning portal on its website.