Village's 22-year tradition of 'Christmas Corner'

The George family home with many decorations.

The George family display has "well over 60 decorations". - Credit: The George family

It's a house known to residents of a Norfolk village as "Christmas Corner".

This Fleggburgh family home has been wowing visitors with its dazzling light display for the past 22 years.

The George family, who live on the corner of Rollesby Road and St Margaret's Way, turn on their spectacular collection of Christmas lights on December 1 and, being "very traditional", keep them lit until before January 6.

The George family garden

The family began their traditional light display after they lost a family member on Christmas Day in 1998. - Credit: The George family

The display, which has become a tradition for the family, began after the death of Jessie Colledge - mother and grandmother - on Christmas Day in 1998.

"Mum said we could either give up or turn Christmas into a bigger celebration," Leanne George said.

"It's a wonderful thing for the children and a way for us to celebrate nanny's life.

"We also use it as a chance to spread Christmas cheer and raise money for good causes."

The George family

The George family use their display as a way of raising money for charity. This year, they are fundraising for Fleggburgh CofE VC Primary School. - Credit: The George family

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Previously, the George family have raised money for Headway and John Grants School using a collection box at the front of the garden display.

This year, mother Theresa George, 63, will be donating funds to Fleggburgh CofE VC Primary School as all of her children were taught there in the past.

Mrs George said she "was too old to climb trees" and is helped by husband David, daughters Natasha, Sarah, Nicki, Marissa and Leanne, and son David.

"It's very homely," Leanne said.

"It's just a lovely tradition and people seem to enjoy it."

The George Family home

The George family's home has been sprinkled with Christmas cheer every year since 1999. - Credit: The George family

Neighbour Clare Dyble said Mrs George is known to reject birthday presents and instead asks for more lights to add to her family display.

Mrs Dyble has been visiting the display for years with her daughters who affectionately refer to Leanne as "auntie".

She said: "They've done it every year to help raise festive cheer and fundraise for people who need it most.

"My daughters always want to see the house and see what's new.

"We go for a walk to the house every year and we think it's a great thing to champion.

Visitors are welcome to view the display, which turns off every night after 9pm. Donations are also welcome using the collection box at the bottom of the front garden of the George family home.

Freddie making a donation

Freddie making a donation at the George family's light display. - Credit: The George family

The George family home

The George family display is known to locals as "Christmas Corner". - Credit: The George family

The George family display

Mrs George, who said she was "too old to be climbing", gets help from her husband David, daughters Natasha, Sarah, Nicki, Marissa and Leanne, and son David. - Credit: The George family

The George family home

A stable with Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus features in the George family's display. - Credit: The George family

The George Family Christmas lights

The George family have been adding to their Christmas light collection for 22 years. - Credit: The George family