Florist leaves free bouquets for strangers all over seaside town

Flowers have been left all over Gorleston for people to find

Pauline Laing and Naomi Shields have been busy arranging bouquets that have been dotted around Gorleston today (June 16, 2021) with the aim of brightening an unsuspecting person's day with flowers. - Credit: Pauline Laing/Flowermania

A florist was out and about at 4am leaving jam-jar posies and boxed lilies for strangers to find.

Pauline Laing, who owns Flowermania in High Street, Gorleston, hopes the finders will give them to someone they know who really needs a lift.

Flowermania in Gorleston is behind a 'flower bomb'

Jam jars full of blooms have been left around Gorleston to help make someone's day. - Credit: Pauline Laing

The 69-year-old great-grandmother along with friend Naomi Shields, who used to have the flower shop in Martham, spent a whole day assembling the posies that have been placed in wrapped jam jars around various locations in Gorleston.

Since posting about it on Facebook Mrs Laing said she was blown away by feedback, hailing her kindness - all delivered at her own expense.

She said it was the idea of flower relay company Direct2Florist which was supporting the Marmalade Trust loneliness charity during loneliness week.

Mrs Laing who has had the Gorleston shop for around 13 years said this year it was more important than ever to reach out to people who might be on their own or needing a helping hand.

Flowermania in Gorleston high street has left bouquets all over the town for people to pick up for free.

Some 35 flower arrangements have been dropped around Gorleston for strangers to find during loneliness week. - Credit: Pauline Laing

"I am always excited about flowers and I love giving anyway," she said. "There is always someone worse off than you who needs a bit of support."

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So far some 35 arrangements have been dotted around including near St Andrews Church, the seafront, and Riverside Road.