WATCH: CCTV catches man dumping fridge in alleyway

The man was caught on CCTV dumping the fridge Picture: Jacob Massey

The man was caught on CCTV dumping the fridge Picture: Jacob Massey - Credit: Archant

CCTV footage has captured the moment a man brazenly dumped a fridge in an alleyway in Great Yarmouth.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is investigating the incident, which took place on Thursday, July 18.

Matthew McDonnell recorded the fly-tipping on his CCTV camera, which faces down an alleyway behind his home in Beaconsfield Road.

He said: “It was dumped while I was in the shower, I just heard this big thump outside.

“When I made it out I saw the fridge there and the guy biking off up the road, so I just reran my cameras and watched him come and dump it.

“A few weeks before that there was a double wardrobe thrown off a bike in exactly the same way and the in the same place in broad day light. The council were as amazed as me.

“It’s across the road from the actual council yard where the bin lorries go, but it seems to be that most fly-tipping goes on around here.”

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Cllr Carl Smith, chairman of the environment committee, condemned the dumping and took the opportunity to highlight the borough’s record for enforcement of environmental crimes.

He said: “In Great Yarmouth, we take a proactive, zero-tolerance approach to tackling fly-tipping. This is a crime which wastes public money in clear-up costs, damages the environment and is unfair on the vast majority of people who always dispose of their waste responsibly.

“Our environmental rangers have one of Norfolk’ best records for the enforcement of environmental crimes, securing 18 prosecutions in 2017/18 alone, and they constantly appeal for public information to help target fly-tippers. They are currently investigating this case.

“Anyone who witnesses an environmental crime in the borough or has information that may help to identify an offender should contact the environmental rangers and provide as much information as possible, such as the location and time of offence, what occurred, the description or address of the offender or offenders, and the registration number of any vehicle involved.”

Environmental crimes in the borough can be reported on the Report IT GY App or by calling 01493 846478.