Bagged rubbish left by wheelie bin lands Gorleston man with £150 court bill

The dumped sacks of waste at Holly Way, Goleston. Photo: GYBC

The dumped sacks of waste at Holly Way, Goleston. Photo: GYBC - Credit: GYBC

Dumping six bags of rubbish next to a green recycling bin has cost a Gorleston man £150 in court and clear-up costs.

Erjon Xhafkollari was also handed a six month conditional discharge at Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court after a member of the public reported the mess.

It comes as the borough council’s environmental services department, which has one of Norfolk’s best records for enforcement on environmental crimes, warns of is “zero-tolerance” approach and appeals for more tip-offs.

The council received a report of fly-tipping in a parking/wheelie bin area at the side of Holly Way, Gorleston, in October last year.

An environmental ranger investigated and found evidence among the waste linking it to Erjon Xhafkollari.

Mr Xhafkollari, aged 40, of Hawthorn Road, Gorleston, pleaded guilty in court to an offence of fly-tipping.

He was given a six-month conditional discharge and told to pay £100 costs plus £50 compensation for the clear-up.

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Cllr Carl Smith, chairman of the environment committee, said: “Great Yarmouth Borough Council has a zero-tolerance approach to tackling fly-tipping, and this is another example of where our rangers have responded to a public report, identified the offender, and secured a conviction.

“They welcome public tip-offs, and all approaches are treated in confidence.

“Fly-tipping pollutes the environment for everyone and is completely unjustifiable.

“Waste dumped inside sacks is still fly-tipping and, in this case, there were six sacks containing a mixture of waste.

“The waste was not all recyclable as it contained polythene bags and polythene packaging.

If it was intended as his domestic recyclable waste, it should’ve been loose and placed within his recycle green bin, without containing any polythene.”

Anyone who witnesses an environmental crime or has information that may help to identify an offender should contact the rangers with as much information as possible, such as the location and time of offence, what happened, the description or address of the offender, and the registration number of any vehicle involved. The quickest way is to download the Report IT GY App, or call 01493 846478.