Fond farewell to former Potter Heigham bowls player Bertie High

Family and friends gathered at St Nicholas Church, Potter Heigham, to say farewell to Bertie Donald High, born at Berney Arms Marshes, Halvergate, 92 years ago,

Bertie went to school at Reedham. During the war he served with the Home Guard and worked as a marshman and smallholding farmer. He was a keen bowls player and had been president of Potter Heigham Bowls Club and well as a parish councillor and member of the Poors Trust in the village.

He had a wealth of stories which he loved to share and in his early life as a marshman several books recorded his way of life on the marshes; also archives for the Windmill Trust. After retiring he carried on with his garden and shooting, and his large family was a great pride to him. His wife Elsie pre-deceased him in December 1991, but he remained independent.

The thanksgiving service was conducted by Rev Peter Leech and Bertie was laid to rest with his beloved Elsie. The organist was Eric Jones.

Immediate family mourners were: Mr and Mrs M High, Mrs M Bocking, Mr and Mrs J Harrison, Mr and Mrs P Fairhead, Mr and Mrs M Brennan, Mr and Mrs C High, Mr and Mrs T Feathonby, Mr and Mrs N High, Mrs J Hubbard (also representing Mr S Wheelock), Mr and Mrs A Dye, Mr P High, Mrs V Long, Mrs A Cochrane (Mr and Mrs M Cochrane, Dan and Andy), Mr and Mrs A Watson, Mr N Cossey, Mr D Cossey, Mr K Cossey, Mrs J Baldwin, Mrs E Markworth (Trevor and Millie), Mr M Bocking, Ms L Harrison, Mr D Brennan, Mr T High, Mr and Mrs D Ives, Mr A High, Master D Hubbard, Mr S Dye, Mr M Dye, Miss E Long, Miss C Long, Ms S Watson, Mr C Lincoln, Mr S Watson, Ms D Watson, Mr R King, Mr J Cochrane, Master A Baldwin, Ms E Barratt, Mr and Mrs G Fransham, Mr and Mrs R Fransham, (Mr and Mrs A Rendall and Mr D Fransham), Mr and Mrs B Cacey.

Those attended included: Mrs E Jones, Mr and Mrs J Litten, Mr and Mrs R Smith, Mrs L Gaffney, Mrs H Stimpson, Mrs J Ward, Mr R Balls, Mr T Wright, Mr and Mrs B Wright, Mr and Mrs H Harris, Mr A Harris, Mr and Mrs C Fairhead, Mr C Cooke (Flegg Private Bowls Club), Mrs R Postle, Mrs B Myhill (Mrs A Adams), Mr and Mrs B Grapes, Mr P Randell (Martham Bowls Club), Mr F Brown (Flegg Private Bowls Club), Mrs J Saymour (Meals on Wheels), Mr and Mrs P Postle, Mr and Mrs J Williams, Mr A Beales, Mr and Mrs M Hayden, Mr A Moffat (Meals on Wheels), Mrs B Marshall (Meals on Wheels), Mrs S Avard (Meals on Wheels), Mr and Mrs T Smith, Ms S Smith, Mr and Mrs M Hinton, Mr and Mrs J Elliott, Mr J Nobina, Mrs M Smith, Mr A Cutting, Mr T Gallaughter (Mrs G Harrison), Mr M Barrett, Mr and Mrs W Lacey (ex Berney Arms), Mrs E Thain, Ms M Thain (Mr E Thain), Mrs N Balls, Mr and Mrs D Pickering, Mr and Mr M Playford, Mr and Mrs P Hutchinson, Mr and Mrs D Morton, Mr and Mrs R Reynolds, Mr and Mrs R Taylor, Mr and Mrs W Dowie, Mr and Mrs J Holland (Potter Heigham Bowls Club), Mr and Mrs D Hewitt, Mrs H Garman, Mrs R Wakefield, Mr C Farrow, Mr and Mrs G Taylor, Mr M Gladden, Mr R Monsey, Mr A Yardy, Mr and Mrs P Monsey, Mrs M Allard, Mr and Mrs D Liddiment, Mr and Mrs S Fairhead, Mr A Fairhead, Ms N Fairhead, Ms S Fairhead, Mr S Fairhead, Ms K Willamott.