Former World Bowls chief dies

A service of celebration was held at St Peter and St Paul Church, Halvergate on Wednesday, March 17 for the life of Dennis Charles Grint, who died aged 76.

A service of celebration was held at St Peter and St Paul Church, Halvergate on Wednesday, March 17 for the life of Dennis Charles Grint, who died aged 76.

The service was followed by a family committal at All Saints' Church, Freethorpe. The services were conducted by Rev Canon Peter Hall and Rev Damon Rogers.

Dennis was born in Halvergate where he went to school and then on to Freethorpe. When he left school he served his apprenticeship at Boulton and Paul Joinery in Norwich. After completing his apprenticeship he worked for various building companies mainly on site work.

When he and his wife Dorothy married in 1955 they moved to Hassingham where Barry, the first of their three sons was born. Sadly Barry passed away at the age of 18.

Dennis and Dorothy moved home several times going to Freethorpe, Halvergate and then back to Freethorpe. In 1968, Dennis decided to go self-employed. Slowly he built up a very successful business which his sons helped him to run and it became known as Grint Drylining which is still run by his sons today. In 1986, Dennis bought Aitchisons Garage, which his youngest son took on the successful running of and is still going today.

In 1995, Dennis decided to take life a bit quieter that did not last long as he took more of an interest in the game of lawn bowls of which he was a keen player. Dennis became president of Norfolk EBA in 1977 followed by president of England EBA in 2001 and during that year was elected on to the Board of Directors of World Bowls. This position took Dennis and Dorothy too many parts of the world.

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In 2004, Dennis became deputy president of World Bowls before finally resigning in 2006.

He is survived by his wife, two sons and four granddaughters who he adored. A guard of honour was formed outside the church by the Norfolk EBA President and Past Presidents.

During the service there was the reading of a poem by his son David and tributes were read by Rev Canon Peter Halls, his son Kevin and Arthur Hockley past president of England EBA.

Family mourners were: Widow Dorothy Grint, David and Karen Grint, Kevin and Ruth Grint with Mercedes, Porsche and Ascari, Mr and Mrs B Grint and Marie, Mr and Mrs Ken Dye, Mr and Mrs R Dye, Mr and Mrs Keith Dye, Mr and Mrs F Harper, Miss Christine Taylor, Mr and Mrs M Harper, Sandra Binley, Mr and Mrs D Mallett and Mrs J Lambert.

The church was full with over 285 other mourners made up of friends: Mrs Pat Howard, Mr Adrian Howard, Percy Rowe, Brian and Molly Walker (also representing County Arts and Pat and John Scott), Wayne and Marcia Hanley, Kevin Hannant, Ashley Peacock, Darren Cresswell, Adam Bedding, Trevor Collins, Craig Collins, Stephen High, Justin Browne, Matt Cullum, Richard Jermy, Mervyn Bailey, Douglas Richards, Roger Lees, Tony Seabourne, Mr and Mrs G Moll, Mr M Harris, Mr and Mrs R Parnell, Mr and Mrs Mark Forder, Mr Malcolm Forder, Mr Timmy Forder, Jason Cooper (also Jack Cooper), Conrad Brister, Michael and Maureen Leverett, Mr and Mrs H Blyth, Brian and Elsie Hall, Mr and Mrs R Tear, Dawn Cousins, Dennis Cousins (Past England President), Ray Meeks, Mr and Mrs R Tate, Mrs Carole Thorpe, John Stafford and Joy Stafford (Norfolk Masonic Bowling Association), Brian Johnson, David Morley, Trevor and Christine Webb, Mike Goffin, Brian George, Brian Taylor, Mr Bill Aspin, John Burrows (Thorpe Rec Bowls Club), Mrs G London, Mrs R Yaxley, Mrs M Edwards, Mr and Mrs R Church, Mr and Mrs K Adey, Mr and Mrs J C Scholey (Bowls Lincolnshire), Mr J Pearson, Mr and Mrs A Hockley, David and Paula Byers, Dennis Taylor (Halesworth Angel Bowls Club Suffolk), Alison Fox, Margaret Hobart, Graham Hobart (Norfolk Indoor Bowling), John Fox (Norfolk County EBA), Don Wyatt (Maureen Wyatt), Vera Cook, John Ottaway, Mick Green, John Withers, Billy Burton, John Godsafe, Malcolm Nicholson, Mrs J Broom (Mr Robin Broom), Mrs J Baxter (also Mr A L Baxter and Mrs C Lake), Mr and Mrs D Sutton, Mr and Mrs Ron Mallett, Mr and Mrs J Forder, Mr R Pipes, Mr P Knights, Mr and Mrs J Cater, Tom Hall, Mr and Mrs D Sharman, Basil Johnson (County Past Presidents), Mr and Mrs A Brown, Mr Gordon Carter, Mrs Irene Brister (Mr Roy Brister), Roger Carr, Mr and Mrs A Lyon, Roy and Madge Peacock (Bernard Loveman, Kathleen Taylor and Hazel King), Mr and Mrs R Thacker, Raymond Briggs, Mrs M Petley, Nicki Patterson, Jennifer Stone, Gary Stone (World Bowls), Peter Bird (County Secretary also representing Chris Ward), Mr and Mrs R London, Mandy Morris, Mr N Mallett, Mr P Mayes, Susan Smith, Tom Arms, John Vince, Mr and Mrs D Lynes, Tim Sayer, Terry Skipper, Russell Leggett, Louise Clay, Peter James, Mike and Pauline Beales, Robin White, Brian Yaxley, Kevin Francis, Pat Finney (Essex), Mrs Christine Fisher (also Mr Paul Fisher), James Fisher, John George, David Naunton, Mrs J Cater, Mr and Mrs G Goodson, Mr C Goodson, Anita Goodson, Michael Shingfield (Norfolk Past President), John and Sue Burton, Kelvin and Sheila Dennington, Mr and Mrs T Aitchison, Mr and Mrs M Aitchison, Mr and Mrs E James, Mr F Fransham, Mrs J Patterson, Mr and Mrs B J Willimott, Mr and Mrs J Symonds, Randolf Ford (Suffolk County), John Cullingford, Paul Batchelor (Acle Bowls Club), Mr and Mrs F Brister, David and Shirley Johnson, Richard Allen, Mr and Mrs W Willimott, Jack Johnson, Mr Adrian Barber, Mr Peter Cresswell, Terry Woodgate, Mr Stephen Smith (Freethorpe Football Club), Mr and Mrs T Eastaugh, Anthony Grint, John and Christine Tolley and Mr Stanley Springhall.