Foxy comes knocking for Roxy in Gorleston

Roxy is a house cat but she had this extraordinary brush with nature - captured on her phone camera by owner Sally Hunn.

Sally, 53, an estate agent, was at home in Magdalen Way, Gorleston, at lunchtime on Tuesday when her attention was grabbed by this nosey fox.

She said: “I went to close the dining room door and I thought, ‘who is that looking through the french windows from the patio’.

“I got my phone out and took a picture from a distance. I then got closer and closer and thought he would run off - but he just stayed there.”

Sally was astonished when Roxy strolled into the room and went over to the french windows to look straight at the fox.

“It was as though they were familiar with each other. It looked as if the fox had come looking for Roxy,” she said.

Sally, who works at The Property People in Gorleston said they had lived in Magdalen Way for 15 years but only seen a fox once before, about eight years ago.

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“I think it must have come from the old cemetery next door,” she said.

“It is quite a haven for wildlife and we have had muntjac deer in the garden before.”

She said the fox looked young and she thought it must have been hungry. It only ran off when she went into the garden.

She said her partner Kevin Marsden was amazed when he came home from work and she told him what she had seen.

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