'Science... and magic... and art' - Early years exhibition opens

A silhouette of a little boy and a drum

Magic Acorns explored with light and shadows to help children enjoy art. - Credit: Lewis Wickwar

A family-oriented exhibition is being held outside a Great Yarmouth art gallery.

The In-Between Spaces exhibition, held by Magic Acorns, highlights some of the activities which Great Yarmouth parents and children took part in last month.

The window exhibition can be seen outside the Primeyarc gallery (the old Debehnams unit), Market Gates and is open from May 6 to May 13.

One visitor described it as "science... and magic... and art!"

A baby in a dark blue light.

In-Between Spaces had experienced artists interact with young children to help them enjoy art. - Credit: Lewis Wickwar

The children who visited were all under three years old.

The experienced artists worked with each child and family by following their lead, and finding the games that emerged in the In-Between Space.

Magic Acorns believes "all our youngest children should have access to the very best in arts and culture".

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The group offer inclusive and collaborative spaces where children and families are nurtured and enriched through the arts.